Celery-Stalks That Protect And Heal

Healing Properties Of Celery

Celery is not only a good source of insoluble fiber but it also contains a great amount of essential nutrients which include calcium, potassium and Vitamin C.


In Asia, this member of the parsley family has been used for generations as a remedy for high blood pressure or hypertension, dizziness and headache. Phthalide, a compound found in celery was found to be able to relax the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure, allowing the vessels to dilate. It also lowers the blood levels of stress hormones. This is helpful because stress hormones raise blood pressure by causing blood vessel s to constirict.


If you are suffering from high blood pressure and would like to give the celery a try. there are a few strategies recommended by folk practitioners in Asia. In your daily cooking, cook celery together with vinegar to lower blood pressure and relieve headache due to high blood pressure. Mixed honey with fresh celery juice to relieve dizziness, headache and shoulder pain due to hypertension.


Although celery does contain sodium, which is bad for hypertension, the quantity of sodium (25 mg in 1 stalk) is too small to cause any harm as long as we don't start to eat celery by the pound.


Celery also contains compounds called acetylenics and phenolic acids which researchers believe might help prevent cancer cells from spreading. These compounds have been shown to stop the growth of tumor cells and block the action of hormone substances that encourage the growth of tumor cells.


So start crunching your celery today. It is aromatic and is certainly a healthful snack. It contains a lot of nutrients and unlike many other food, most of the compounds will hold up well during cooking.

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