Chestnuts-A Beneficial Snack

Nutritional Values And Remedies Of Chestnut

Chestnuts can only be found during the autumn and winter months. Chestnuts are warm in nature and have a sweet taste. This popular street snack, roasted with sugar is starchy and sweet. Its natural contents are carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins B1 and B2.


In traditional Chinese medicine, chestnuts are used to nourish the intestines, invigorates vital energy, strengthen spleen and stop diarrhea. It is also very filling to the stomach.


A sweet paste made from crushed chestnuts mixed with hyacinth beans can be use to treat frequent diarrhea and nutrients absorption problems. The chestnut paste can improve the absorption in the small intestines and helps firm the stool. When stool is firm, patients should stop taking the chestnut paste or it will development into constipation.

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