Cooling And Soothing Cucumbers

Remedies Of Cucumbers And Its Nutrients

Unlike the hearty carrot, the cucumber contains few nutrients. Indeed it is 95 percent water. But as your mother told you, it is cooling and great for the skin.


Cucumber provides a little B vitamin, some vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and potassium. Cucumbers can be easily digested as they contain enzymes.


100 grams cucumber contain 0.5 g protein, 3.4 g carbohydrate, 14 mg calcium, 21 mg phosphorus, 0.2 mg iron, 13 mg sodium, 76 mg potassium, 0.03 mg vitamin B1, 0.06 mg vitamin B2, 0.1 mg niacin and 9.7 mg Vitamin C.


Traditionally cucumber seeds were used to help cure diseases of the bowels. These seeds contain saponin and this is why they are used to expel worms in children. Ripe raw cucumbers are said to be good for sprue, a disease which causes the mucous membranes of the stomach to become inflamed.


According to herbalist, cucumber helps the body to get rid of excess fluid, while the juice is thought to control high blood pressure and help to reduce weight. Taken together with carrot and celery juice, it helps to ease rheumatic conditions.


Cucumber has a cleansing, cooling and softening effect on the skin due to its enzymes. It is often used in facials to improved the complexion. To use cucumber as a natural beauty mask, blend 1/2 cup of chopped cucumber, 2 teaspoon of powdered milk and one egg white into a smooth paste. Apply the paste in upward swirling motions onto both face and neck and allowed to dry for 30 minutes before being rinsed off with water. Splash the face and neck with cool water and finally blot it dry.


Cucumber is also soothing for minor burns. Simply rub a slice over the burn. The vitamin E content could explain its effectiveness.


It is a good complement to oily and spicy food as the acid content helps to neutralize pungent food and help wash down the oil. That is why cucumber is believed to be able to prevent indigestion.