Fiber In Our Daily Diet

Importance Of Fiber In Our Daily Diet

With today's emphasis on fast and highly processed foods, our diet may be lower in the dietary fiber complexes we need. Obviously, the best way for us to obtain fiber is to eat more of it from a wide variety of fiber rich food in our diet. Fresh fruits, cereals and whole grain breads are part of the solution. Lentils, peas and beans are not only high in fiber but also contain significant amounts of protein. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits make excellent high fiber snacks.


Start increasing your intake of dietary fiber with more whole grains, fruits, beans and vegetables. It is an important part of a sound nutrition as fiber may decrease the risks of some kinds of cancer, helps to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar, aids digestion and prevents constipation. For most people, 20 to 35 grams of fiber daily is considered to be optimal.


Try to add fiber to your diet by:

  • Eating vegetables raw, lightly cooked or steamed

  • Eating unpolished rice, wheat germ or bran

  • Choosing whole grain products over those made with refined flour

  • Eating more vegetables and fruits unpeeled

  • Eating more oatmeal and whole grain cereals

  • Garnishing yoghurt with bran flakes, rolled oats or grain cereal

  • Using whole grain pancake or waffle mixes and top with fresh fruits

  • Adding chick peas, lentils or kidney beans to rice dishes for add fiber

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