Guava-Best For Vitamin C

Nutritive And Curative Properties Of Guava

Talk about Vitamin C and you will probably think of the orange. How many people actually give a second thought about guava. Did you know that this humble fruit is a mine of Vitamin C, out classing even the orange? Its contains almost four times the Vitamin c present in the orange and about five times that of another Vitamin C rich fruit, the lemon! A 100 g portion of guava gives 152 mg Vitamin c compared to the same portion of orange which gives 39.6 mg and the lemon, 32.6 mg.


It also contains ample amounts of other vitamins like Vitamin A and the B-vitamins. Each 100 g guava gives 10 mcg Vitamin A. Though not as much as that present in the orange, this amount is about 10 times that in the lemon. Vitamin a is essential for good eyesight. Apart from Vitamin A, the guava also gives more of the B-vitamins than both the orange and lemon combined.


The guava is also a rich source of fiber and contains 6.8 g fiber per 100 g. That is 68 times the amount found in the orange and 17 times that of the lemon. Fiber assists in our digestive process and hence prevents constipation. Besides vitamins and fiber the fruit also gives considerable amounts of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and a little protein.


Guava is good for people suffering from diabetes, hemorrhoids and helps in diarrhea. Guava can be eaten fresh or made into a juice to drink before meals. Fresh guavas can also be boiled and the liquid can be used to wash the affected areas of hemorrhoids, itching and heat rash.

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