Healing Powers Of Broccoli

Natural Benefits And Remedies Of Broccoli

This crispy delicious vegetable, a member of the cruciferous family has been shown to be able to fend off a host of serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease.


Broccoli contains two separate compounds, indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and sulforaphane that help to clear up cancer causing substances before they have a chance to do damage. Researches have found that the I3C compound is able to lower the levels of harmful estrogens that can promote tumor growth in hormone sensitive cells like the breasts cells. On the other hand sulforaphane helps by giving protection on another front, it boost the production of cancer-blocking enzymes. So eating broccoli can help prevent cancer especially that of the breast, colon, and prostate gland.


Broccoli is also an excellent source of beta-carotene. This nutrient which the body converts to Vitamin A, is one of the antioxidants that helps prevent disease by clearing up harmful and cell damaging oxygen molecules that accumulate in the body. High levels of beta-carotene have been linked to lower rates of heart attack, certain types of cancer and cataracts.


The wonders of broccoli does not end here as it also contains other varieties of important nutrients. Compared with other vegetables, it is one of the best source of calcium. One cup of cooked broccoli contains 72 mg calcium, that is about a quarter of the amount in an 8 ounce glass of skim milk. And we all know that calcium is an important nutrient to keep osteoporosis at bay. Broccoli also provides us with a nutrient that is essential for normal tissue growth, folate. And folate may also protect against cancer, heart disease and birth defects.

To keep our digestive system running smoothly, a half cup of broccoli gives 2 g of fiber. Fiber is a proven guard against constipation, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, diabetes and high cholesterol.


Do not overcook broccoli as it will destroy some of its protective compounds. Gentle cooking like steaming is a good way.

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