Lettuce-More Vitamins Than Meat

Healing Properties And Nutrients Of Lettuce

Lettuce is easy to prepare and can be used in dishes and soup or eaten raw. Eating it raw is the best way as all the vitamins and minerals will be retained.


Just 100 gram of this vegetable gives you more vitamin A (over 400 microgram) than the same amount of meat. This is just the right amount a child needs daily. For the average adult, eat twice this amount and you will have enough vitamin A for the day.


Lettuce is also quite rich in vitamin C and B-vitamins and is also a good source of essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is highly beneficial to the body.


Children who do not eat enough vegetables will suffer from swelling and bleeding gums which are signs of lacking in vitamin C. Lettuce has a lot of vitamin C which may help to prevent bleeding gums. Blend lettuce in water, filter the juice and then drink it. Eating more lettuce or drinking lettuce juice will quickly restore vitamin C and prevents herpes in the oral area.

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