Maize (Corn)-Nutritious And Beneficial

Natural Benefits And Curative Properties Of Maize (Corn)

At the mention of cereals, we tend to think of wheat and rice. But did you know that maize is also cereal? Maize is not only delicious but it is nutritious too. It is a good source of protein, vitamins and essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus.


More than 9 percent of the edible portion of the maize is protein alone. Protein is vital for body growth and repair. And like most cereals, the maize is a high energy giving food. It gives about 355 calories per 100 g portion, which is slightly more than rice which provides 352 calories.


Maize also contains essential vitamins and minerals. 100 g of maize gives 43 mcg Vitamin A. This is 43 times the amount present in the pear and more than 6 times that in an apple. Vitamin A is important for good eyesight. It also helps keep the skin from becoming dry and aids in bone development. It is also quite a good source of Vitamin C. Although the amount present is less than that in the guava or citrus fruits, it exceeds those in the apple and pear. It also contains ample amounts of the B-vitamins, giving 0.22 mg thiamine, 0.12 mg riboflavin and 1.7 mg niacin in a 100 g portion.


Besides vitamins, the maize is also rich in minerals. A 100 g portion of the edible maize grains gives about 45 mg calcium and 224 mp phosphorus. Both calcium and phosphorus are necessary for building and strengthening the bones in our bodies. They are also important for building strong teeth, and in this, the munching action helps too.


Maize is also a good source of fiber. It gives 2 g per 100 g portion. Fiber gives bulk to the food and aids the digestive process, hence preventing constipation.

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