Natural Benefits Of Apple

Natural Benefits Of Apple

The apple contains minerals and vitamins in abundance. Hence it is a highly nutritive food and is considered a symbol of good health and vitality. Studies have shown that eating apples can help reduce the risk of getting a heart attack and research has proven that apples have the power to stop cancer cells. Although evidence is still preliminary, eating an apple a day does really help keep the doctor away.


Most of the us will favor the apple's flesh compared to its skin because it is sweeter and juicier. But much of the apple's healing properties is found in its skin. It's in the skin that a compound called quercetin is found in large amount. This is an antioxidant, like vitamin C and beta-carotene that helps prevent harmful oxygen molecules from damaging individual cells. It helps prevent cells from mutating which eventually leads to cancer. Studies throughout the world have shown that people who consumed  quercetin and other antioxidants in their daily diets had a 20 percent lower risk of getting a heart disease compared to those who ate the least. Researches came to a conclusion that quercetin  was responsible for the good results of the studies.


Apples contain large amount of quercetin, so eating an apple a day is always a good idea. Not only does it reduces the risk of getting a heart disease, quercetin has shown that it can inhibit the growth of tumors and helps prevent cancer cells from spreading. In laboratory tests when single cells are subjected to a carcinogen, and then put in quercetin, mutation is prevented from occurring.


Apples are also known to have a high fiber content which includes soluble and insoluble fiber, including pectin. Insoluble fiber is mostly found in the apple's skin. It is this roughage which is highly recommended for people with constipation problems. Constipation can lead to more serious problems such as cancer of the colon. Because insoluble fiber is filling, apples are also excellent weight control food.


Unlike insoluble fiber, the soluble fiber found in apples acts differently. When it passes through the digestive tract, it forms a gel like material that helps lower cholesterol levels and together with it, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.


Apples are also highly recommended to people suffering from diabetes because of the soluble fiber pectin. It's ability to form a gel slows digestion, which slows the rise in blood sugar. It also reduces the cholesterol produced in the liver.

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