Papaya-A Nutritious Wonder Fruit

Nutritional And Curative Properties of Papayas

Papaya is not only delicious but it is a mine of vitamins. The papaya is an excellent source of Vitamin C, outshining even the famous orange. It also has ample amounts of Vitamin A and the B-vitamins and is a fairly good source of calcium and iron.


The fruit is believed to have medicinal value too. It could be the answer to your indigestion and constipation problems. Besides helping bowel movements, it aids people suffering from stomachache, dysentery, prevents scurvy, improves lactation and stimulates appetite.


And that's not all. You can also use the papaya as a natural beauty aid. Just mash a slice of papaya and apply it on your face as you would a face mask. wash off thoroughly after a few minutes and you will feel invigorated. The sap of the papaya is said to be good for treating freckles.


The seeds have their uses too. the older folks believe that eating dried and powdered papaya seeds can expel worms from the body.


To stimulate lactation after childbirth, boil partially ripe papaya with pork forelegs until very soft. Eat papayas and pork once a day for three consecutive days.


Common papayas contain an enzyme that help to decompose protein and starch. When used in dishes, it makes meat more tender. This is especially good for the elderly and children. Add in slices of papaya in dishes to relieve indigestion.


Other parts of the papaya plant are also useful. The leaves, for example, can be heated until they are soft and used to treat rheumatism. Spread the preparation on a clean cloth and apply on the affected area. To relieve itchiness due to allergy, soak the papaya leaves in boiled hot water, then rub and wash the affected area with the softened leaves and water.


It is also believed that the juice from the leaves or flowers can regulate menstrual flow. Some people also take the decoction for asthma. Even the latex from the trunk or unripe fruit can be used to treat wounds and skin ulcers. To do this, apply the latex on the wound or ulcer and wash off after 15 minutes.

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