Pears-The Fruit That Fights Cholesterol

Health Benefits And Natural Remedies Of Pears

People tend to think that pears have more in common with fruits like apples and oranges than with beans in maintaining good health. But it so happens that pears, like beans contain a kind of dietary fiber that is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels.


Pears contain an insoluble fiber, lignin, which traps cholesterol molecules in the intestine and prevents them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Eventually it goes into the stool and is expelled from the body.


The insoluble fiber in pears performs another useful function. As its name suggests, it does not dissolve in the intestine. Instead it absorbs a large quantity of water and causes the stool to pass easily and quickly through the large intestine. This helps to prevent constipation and piles and reduces the risk of colon cancer.


In addition, pears contain another type of soluble fiber called pectin which dissolves in the intestine and forms a gel like coating in which prevents cholesterol from getting into the bloodstream and getting rid of it in the stool.


Yet another health benefit of pears is that they contain a mineral called boron which can help to keep bones strong by preventing the loss of calcium. Boron has also been found to improve mental alertness.


Most of the nutrients and fiber lie in the skin. In order to enjoy the health benefits, pears should be eaten with the skin on.

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