Pumpkin-Not To Be Ignored

Nutritional Benefits And Remedies Of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is oblate in shape, with thick peel and orange flesh. It is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins A and B and its white seeds are a good source of lecithin.


It is extremely rich in vitamin A which is essential for good eyesight. A 100 gram portion has 77 times more than that found in a pear and about 26 times more than in the cauliflower.


It is also rich in vitamin C. A 100 gram piece of pumpkin contains almost 5 times more than the amount found in the pear and almost equivalent to that found in the orange.


The pumpkin can also boast of a high mineral content. For instant, it has twice as much calcium compared to the pear. It has 4 times more phosphorus compared to the cabbage and almost 3 times more than the pear. High levels of potassium and sodium are also found in pumpkin along with ample amounts of vitamins B1 and B2, protein and iron.


Pumpkin mix with sweet potato is a perfect substitute for rice as it is good for treating digestive problems. Eating roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack or taking pumpkin seed soup before may help to kill parasite. The seeds may also lower blood pressure. So don't leave out the pumpkin the next time you plan your meal.

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