Slimy Nutritious Lady's Fingers

Nutrients Of Lady's Fingers And Its Benefits

Lady's fingers or okra in some parts of the world is actually a 5 angled pod with large sticky seeds inside. The young pods can be eaten raw, sliced, fried or used in stews, meat dishes and omelets.


Nutrition wise, this vegetable boasts of ample amounts of vitamins and minerals which our body needs. A 100 gram serving of lady's finger contain 77 mg calcium, 32 mg phosphorus, 1.5 mg iron 30mg sodium, 80 mg potassium, 33 mg vitamin A, 0.1 mg vitamin B1, 0.16 mg vitamin B2, 0.7 mg niacin, 19.3 mg vitamin C.


Its vitamin A content  is eleven times more than that found in an equal portion of cauliflower and about seven times more than the content in cabbage. It contains six times as much phosphorus and twice as much calcium as the cabbage. It also has an appreciable amount of vitamin C


So next time you want to buy a nutritious vegetable, think of the slender lady's finger.

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