Star Fruit-Tasty And Has Medicinal Value

Star fruit-Rich In Vitamins And Has Curative Properties

Recent studies are beginning to show that the star fruit has a number of medicinal properties, besides being rich in vitamins. After conducting several studies, researchers have found out that star fruit juice is capable of reducing blood pressure. When the juice was given to rats, their blood pressure dropped, followed by an increase, then a gradual drop.


It is thus possible that the star fruit, if consumed regularly, can help those suffering from high blood pressure. The fruits may also help to counter the effects of the many processed foods we eat which contribute to high blood pressure.


In another study, star fruit juice displayed antibacterial properties. Bacteria such as staphylococcus, which cause a number of ailments ranging from indigestion to skin problems, were found to be effectively controlled with the undiluted juice of the star fruit. The juice attacked the multiplying bacteria, reducing their number and thereby controlling their activity and hence any infection they could be causing.


This tasty fruit contains a lot of water-92 percent-and is also very rich in nutrients. Its vitamin C content is 25 mg for every 100 g edible portion, which is about 200 percent higher than that in fruits such as apples and pears.


The star fruit is also on of the richest sources of vitamin A. Every 100 g edible portion of the fruit has 155 mcg of vitamin A. It also contains some B-vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin), calcium and iron. Protein, fat and carbohydrate are present in small amounts.


According to some traditional beliefs, star fruit juice could be rubbed gently on the face to help maintain a clean, pimple-free complexion. And when rubbed on the hair, it is believed to be able to remove dirt and even dandruff. So consuming fruits such as the star fruit is really beneficial.

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