Tea-A Cup Of Good Health

Natural Benefits, Cures Of Tea

Tea is the most popular beverage enjoyed by people throughout the world. This is not surprising as drinking tea has a lot of health benefits. The reason is that tea contains a lot of compounds called polyphenols which act like antioxidants in that they help to neutralize free radicals which have been linked to cancer and heart diseases. Polyphenols are very good antioxidants and the best polyphenols are found in tea which has a lot of them.


Blocked arteries which can result in heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes don't happen all of a sudden. They take years to develop as a result of bad cholesterol (LDL) clinging to artery walls and rendering them narrow and stiff. Studies have found that the polyphenols in tea were very effective in preventing cholesterol from damaging the blood vessels. Tea's polyphenols are very effective because they block the harmful effects of oxidized LDL cholesterol both in the bloodstream and at the artery walls to prevent atherosclerosis from happening. The good news is that you don't need to drink huge amounts of tea to enjoy this benefit. Researchers have found that drinking four or five cups of tea is enough to reduce the risk of having a stroke.


People who eat fried or broiled meat are at a higher risk of development intestinal cancer because when meat is fried or broiled, compounds called heterocyclic amines form on the surface of the food. Whwn consumed these chemicals turn into forms which can cause cancer. This is where drinking tea can help. Inside the body tea polyphenols prevent the formation of potential carcinogens, thus helping to stop cancer before it starts. Even when cancerous tumors have already formed, experiments have shown that tea can shrink them. Doctors believe that the polyphenols in tea keep our cells healthy and strong and less likely to change into cancerous cells.


It is good advice to have tea with meat because tea's polyphenol compounds help block the formation of cancer causing chemicals. A good rule to follow is to drink a couple of cups of tea whenever you eat fried meat.

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