Poultry Recipes

Poultry Recipes

Throughout the region, chicken and duck are most frequently used in Asian cooking. The main reason is that poultry meat is easily available, relatively cheap, used and consumed in a variety of dishes by all Asian communities as there are no religious taboos against its consumption. Poultry meat is popular as it can be cooked in a variety of ways such as roasting, deep frying, boiling, barbecuing and grilling. Cooking time is usually short so it is advisable to buy young birds wherever possible and because of the fairly bland taste of poultry meat it is ideal for preparing with a wide variety of marinades, spices and sauces. Poultry meat is also a source of high quality protein and essential amino acids which is vital for growth, maintenance and repair of our body muscles, tissues and cells.

  1. Balinese Duck

  2. Chicken In Yam Basket

  3. Chicken Teriyaki

  4. Chicken Gravy Belanda

  5. Chicken With Freeze Dried Bean Curd (Tofu)

  6. Chicken Satay

  7. Chicken Fried With Basil Leaves

  8. Chicken Goulash In Creamy Gravy

  9. Chicken Balinese Style

  10. Chicken In Chili Paste Sauce

  11. Chicken Wrapped In Paper

  12. Crispy Duck

  13. Duck In Spiced Coconut Sauce

  14. Eggs In Chili Bean Paste Sauce

  15. Fried Yam Duck With Gravy

  16. Fried Onion Chicken

  17. Fragrant Crisp Duck

  18. Grilled Chicken With Gravy

  19. Herbed Chicken With Coconut Milk

  20. Onion Sauce Chicken

  21. Plum Sauce Chicken

  22. Red Duck Curry

  23. Roast Chicken Stew

  24. Savory Mango Chicken

  25. Soy Sauce Braised Chicken

  26. Soy Sauce Stewed Duck

  27. Steamed Duck In Lotus Leaf

  28. Steamed Chicken

  29. Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts

  30. Stewed Whole Ginseng Stuffed Chicken

  31. Stir Fried Chicken With Balsam Leaves

  32. Sweet And Sour Duck

  33. Tomato Stewed Duck

  34. Walnut Chicken

  35. Yakitori Chicken (Barbecues Chicken)

  36. Yam Duck

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