Asian Recipes

Asian Recipes

Asian Recipes offer you the taste of the numerous traditional dishes from the cuisines of China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Philippines and Japan. In this website the Asian Recipes are presented in such a way that they can easily be prepared and cooked in the kitchens of Western countries and served in the same style of the country of origin.


The enormous variety of Asian Cuisines, cooking techniques and exotic flavors are the result of many factors such as differences in location, climate, cultural traditions and religious influence. Patronage, incidents of history such as colonialism and conquest have also contributed to the creation of some of the most exciting Asian Cuisines. Throughout this region emphasis on Asian Dishes served must appeal to the sense of taste. The importance of eating well is underlined by the fact that many Asians, particularly the Chinese greet each other by asking "Have you eaten your meal?"

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