Strawberry And Cheese Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Strawberry And Cheese Ice Cream Cake Recipe


1 sponge cake

950g strawberry ice cream

chopped candied fruits to taste



450g cream cheese

50g sugar

1/4 cup whipping cream

1/4 cup orange liqueur


1/4 cup chopped candied fruits

60 g chopped bitter sweet chocolate


1.5 cups whipping cream

50g sifted icing sugar

1/4 cup orange liqueur


  • Combined Filling A ingredients. Stir in Filling B Ingredients. Refrigerate for 2 hours until solidified.

  • Cut sponge cake into 4 thin slices each the size of the baking tin. Fit 1 slice of cake onto bottom of rectangular baking tin. Spread 450 g ice cream on top. Cover with 2nd slice of cake and lightly compact. Refrigerate for 30 minutes till hardened.

  • Spread mixture of Filling A and B on top. Cover with 3rd slice of cake. Spread remaining ice cream on top and cover with last piece of cake. Refrigerate for 2 hours till ice cream cake is firm.

  • Beat Filling C ingredients in bowl till fluffy. Spread most of it on top of ice cream cake and pipe remaining Filling C on top. Decorate with candied fruits and refrigerate for at least one hour. Remove and cut into slices when serving.

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