Cakes Recipes

Cakes Recipes

Cake are considered the main symbol of joyous celebrations in cultures throughout the world. Celebrating an auspicious occasion without cakes is unthinkable. The culture of presenting cakes as a gift is deeply rooted not only in the West but also in the East. Therefore knowledge of making and baking various kinds of cakes is a desirable asset to both the novice and the professional chef.


Just as hotdogs and burgers are widely available in Western countries, cakes are ubiquitous in Asia, and can be bought at roadside stalls at a cheap price. Locals fondly call their cakes 'kuih', and their cakes are usually in small pieces or slices. Coconut milk is a very common ingredient in most Asian made cakes. Asian cakes are comparatively easy to bake than Western cakes, and cake-making talent is usually passed down through the generations.

  1. Apple Poppy Cake

  2. Apple Walnut Cake

  3. Banana Cake

  4. Birthday Cake With Mixed Fruits

  5. Black Forest Cake

  6. Blueberry Mousse Cake

  7. Brandy Ginger Loaf

  8. Cheese Cake

  9. Cheese Cream Orange Cake

  10. Cherry Swiss Roll

  11. Chestnut Cake

  12. Chocolate Raisin Brownies

  13. Coconut Cake

  14. Coconut Crisps Cake

  15. Coffee And Walnut Cake

  16. Dates Cake

  17. Egg Less Fruit Cake

  18. Fried Yam Cake

  19. Fried Sweet Banana Pancakes

  20. Fruits And Jelly Strawberry Cake

  21. Glutinous Rice Cakes With Syrup

  22. Ice Cream Roll

  23. Indian Steamed Rice Cakes

  24. Korean Thin Pancakes

  25. Layered Tapioca Cake

  26. Lemon Loaf Cake

  27. Marble Cake

  28. Mini Butter Cupcake

  29. Mixed Fruits And Raisins Cake

  30. Nutty Chocolate Slice

  31. Orange Fluted Cake

  32. Orange Jelly Cake

  33. Pandan Chiffon Cake

  34. Pineapple Loaf Cake

  35. Rice Cup Cake

  36. Savory Sweet Potato Cakes

  37. Spice Fruit Cake

  38. Sponge Cake

  39. Strawberry And Cheese Ice Cream Cake

  40. Sweet Corn Pudding

  41. Steamed Rice Cake

  42. Shrimp Topped Muffin

  43. Sweet Glutinous Rice Cakes

  44. Tiramisu

  45. Traditional Steamed Cake

  46. Toasted Coconut Cake

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