Chilled Fruits Scented Syrup Recipe

Chilled Fruits Scented Syrup Recipe


1 cup finely cubed or sliced fruits (pomelo, green oranges)

4 tbsp sugar

2 cups water

20 fresh jasmine flowers

some fragrant rose petals

3 pandan leaves (screw pine leaves)


To make scented water, pour water into a container, float the flowers in the water and close tightly. Leave overnight. Then remove flowers and replace with more flowers. Close tightly and leave overnight. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times to give the water a stronger scent. Bring the scented water to a boil and add some pandan leaves. When water turns light green, remove pandan leaves. Add sugar and stir until sugar melts. Remove from heat and chill the scented syrup. Mix the cubed fruits with syrup and serve with crushed ice.

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