Desserts Recipes

Desserts Recipes

In restaurants voices of young children screaming "When will we have our dessert?" echo around the world. And who can blame them. Indeed in every meal, everyone young and old would be looking forward to enjoying this last course.


Why does everyone enjoy desserts so much? A dessert's taste is its greatest asset. Everyone likes the sweet sensation of desserts- a light hearted snack after a heavy main course which will leave taste buds tingling. Texture also plays an important role in making desserts desirable. It could be something crunchy, like biscuits, of soft and fluffy, like jelly and ice-cream.


Asian desserts are available both hot and cold. They are usually sweet or sour and include fruits, cakes, sweet syrups and ices. It is amazing to note that even though Asian dishes are the most savory in the world, Asians put equal effort in making their desserts just as appealing.


Making a perfect dessert isn't a walk in the park though. Like many other Asian dishes, Asian desserts require meticulous preparation and correct combination of ingredients. A lot of time and effort goes into making desserts attractive and tasty.


After indulging in Asian desserts, one can't help but admit, they bring new meaning to the phrase "Saving the best for last." Though an obsession for dessert may not be good for health, it is indeed the world's guilty pleasure.

  1. Almond Drink

  2. Almond Rice Pudding

  3. Baked Custard With Marzipan

  4. Bananas In Coconut Milk

  5. Black Sesame Banana Soup

  6. Candy Peach

  7. Chilled Fruits Scented Syrup

  8. Coconut Custard In Pumpkin

  9. Fried Banana Rolls

  10. Fried Bananas In Butter Sauce

  11. Green Tea Milk Cake

  12. Green Tea Ice-Cream

  13. Honeydew Longan Ice

  14. Iced Mango Pearls Drink

  15. Javanese Mango Pudding

  16. Lotus Seed and Egg Tea

  17. Lotus Root Syrup

  18. Lychees And Almond

  19. Melon Stuffed With Fruits

  20. Pandan Leaf Pudding

  21. Pineapple With Toasted Coconut

  22. Red Bean Pancakes

  23. Red Beans Rice Pudding

  24. Red Bean Soup With Fresh Lily Bulbs

  25. Steamed Egg And Milk Custard

  26. Steamed Bananas In Coconut Sauce

  27. Stewed Bird's Nest With Coconut Milk

  28. Sweet Green Beans Porridge

  29. Sweet Red Beans Porridge

  30. Vermicelli Pudding With Raisins

  31. Walnut Paste Soup

  32. Water Chestnuts In Iced Coconut Milk

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