Cantonese Fried Rice Recipe

Cantonese Fried Rice Recipe


1/2 lb of roast pork or lean pork

4 tbsp of cooking oil

1 big plate of cooked rice

2 tbsp of spring onions or fried cashew nuts

2 tbsp of thin strips chili (for garnishing)

3 tsp of chopped onions or chopped garlic

3 eggs (beaten)

3 tbsp of crab meat (optional)

1/2 lb of prawns (peeled and fried)

pepper and salt to taste

1/4 lb lettuce (cut into thin strips for garnishing)


Cut roast pork or cooked lean pork into small cubes and spring onions into small pieces. Heat cooking oil in frying pan. Add chopped onions or garlic and salt to taste. Add well beaten eggs to this and scramble. Stirring constantly, put in cooked rice. Stir to break lumps of rice. Light soy sauce can be added. Finally add roast pork or lean pork, fried prawns, spring onions or cashew nuts and pepper. Fry well. Garnish with crab meat, thin strips of omelet, chili, on to the fried rice and encircle the dish with thin strips of lettuce.

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