Rice and Noodles Recipes

Rice and Noodles Recipes

Rice is without doubt the staple diet in Asian countries. Rice comes from paddy plants which are planted in bulk in many Asian countries resulting in many different types of rice. This includes short/medium grain rice, the fragrant jasmine and basmati rice and the glutinous rice. The latter is used mainly for sweet dishes and blends well with sugar and coconut milk. Rice is usually eaten together with a variety of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes to make up a main meal. Otherwise it is sometimes fried with bits of meat, prawns, vegetables and egg to provide a cheap complete and delicious meal.


Noodles are cooked in a variety of ways together with many other ingredients to make delicious soups or fried and dry dishes. The different types of noodles are wheat noodles, dried rice noodles and bean thread noodles. Wheat noodles are either enriched with egg or plain and comes in various widths. Before inclusion in a dish, it needs to be boiled and drained. Dried rice noodles or rice vermicelli needs to be soak in hot water until it becomes soft before using it in an Asian dish either stir-fried or in soups. Bean thread noodles which is made from bean starch also needs to be soak in hot water before use, either stir-fried or in soups and salads.


  1. Oriental Fried Rice

  2. Fried Shrimp Noodles

  3. Yam Rice

  4. Fried Noodles With Chicken Balls

  5. Tuna Rice

  6. Curry Chicken Rice

  7. Cantonese Fried Rice

  8. Mushroom Stewed Noodles

  9. Lamb Meat Rice

  10. Chicken And Egg On Rice

  11. Fried Vermicelli With Vegetables

  12. Meat And Vegetables Noodles

  13. Baked Rice In Pot

  14. Japanese Oyster Rice

  15. How To Make Sushi Rice

  16. Thailand Fried Vermicelli

  17. Fried Noodles With Minced Meat Sauce

  18. Boiled Rice Mixed With Vegetables

  19. Thai Thick Fresh Rice Noodles

  20. Spicy Yoghurt Rice

  21. Jawa Fried Rice

  22. Salmon Wasabi Rice

  23. Fried Rice With Crab Meat

  24. Shrimp Fried Rice With Hot Chilies

  25. Fried Rice With Cashew Nuts

  26. Sour And Spicy Seafood Rice Salad

  27. Japanese Shrimps Noodles

  28. Oyster Almond Rice

  29. Steamed Cod Rice

  30. Coconut Milk Rice (Nasi Lemak)

  31. Tomato Rice

  32. Fried Rice With Anchovies

  33. Pineapple Rice

  34. Balinese Fried Rice

  35. Rice With Beef And Mushrooms

  36. Fried Rice Balinese Style

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