Rice With Beef And Mushrooms Recipe

Rice With Beef And Mushrooms Recipe


1/2 lb shitake mushrooms

1/2 lean beef

2 tbsp cooking oil

2 tbsp chopped onions

1 cup long grain rice

1 tsp ground pepper

2 tbsp light soy sauce

2 tbsp lightly roasted sesame seeds


Soak the mushrooms in warm water. Drain and slice it into thin strips. Dry the beef with kitchen paper. Cut into 1/4 inch and then into strips. Heat up the oil in a deep pan. Fry the onions, mushrooms and beef for 3 minutes. Add in the rice and stir for 2 minutes. Add 2 cups of boiling water, salt, ground pepper and soy sauce. Stir and bring to the boil. Then reduce the heat, cover the pan and simmer for 20 minutes. Dish out onto a warmed dish and sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving.