Lamb Meat Rice Recipe

Lamb Meat Rice Recipe

Ingredients: serves 4

1.5 lb of lamb meat cut into thin slices

2 cups of coconut milk

4 tbsp of cooking oil

4 bowls of cooked rice (small rice bowls)

Seasoning Ingredients to be Ground:

12 small onions

5 pieces of garlic

2 big pieces of galangal (peel the skin then grind)

2 stalks of lemon grass

salt and pepper to taste

2 lemon squeeze out the juice

6 red chilies

1 tbsp of sugar


Marinate the pieces of lamb meat with salt, sugar, lemon juice, and grill till they become golden brown. Heat pan with cooking oil. Fry the ground ingredients till slightly brown. Add pieces of grilled lamb meat and coconut milk and simmer for 15 minutes till they become tender. Dish out and pour onto cooked rice. Serve.

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