Pressed Shrimp Sushi Recipe

Pressed Shrimp Sushi Recipe


3 cups prepared sushi rice (refer How to make Sushi Rice)

9 shrimps cooked and shelled

1/2 cucumber

1 sheet nori seaweed (about 5 x 7inches)

1 tbsp black sesame seeds

wasabi to taste


Cut cucumber into 4 in length and slice thinly lengthwise. On a glass dish, p-lace plastic wrap. Cut cooked shrimps into half, lengthwise and place on plastic wrap. Place skin sides facing down. Place 1/2 of sushi rice on shrimps. Flatten out with spoon. Place sliced cucumbers on sushi rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Cover with nori seaweed and spread remaining sushi on top. Cover with plastic, then place some weight on top. Leave for over an hour. Turn upside down on a platter, remove plastic wrap and serve.

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