Seafood Recipes

Seafood Recipes

Seafood is widely used in Asian dishes because of its universal appeal. Eating seafood is great for health as it is a good source of protein and iodine and is low in fats and calories. Fish, prawns, crabs, oysters, cuttlefish and shellfish are readily available and can be cooked in variety of ways to make a delicious meal. Seafood can be eaten on its own or used as one of the many ingredients in the cooking of Asian dishes. Seafood enriches the taste and nutritional value of the food cooked with it. As a result, it forms an important part in the diet of Asians. Seafood must be served as fresh as possible. Hence in many Asian restaurants, it is usual for diners to choose their own fish or prawns live from specially prepared tanks.


  1. Anchovies In Hot Chili Sauce

  2. Baked Beans Sweet Sour Fish

  3. Baked Lobster With Butter Sauce

  4. Baked Crabs With Garlic And Pepper

  5. Cantonese Fried King Shrimps

  6. Clay Pot Fish Head

  7. Clams With Basil And Chili

  8. Chili Shrimps In Yam Basket

  9. Coconut Milk (Santan) Fish

  10. Crispy Sotong (Squid)

  11. Deep Fried Sea Bass With Chili Sauce

  12. Deep Fried Shrimps In Orange Sauce

  13. Fish With Soy Sauce

  14. Fish Drumsticks

  15. Fish Rolls With Walnuts

  16. Fish In Pineapple and Sour Sauce

  17. Fish With Bamboo Shoots

  18. Foil Wrapped Sardines

  19. Foil Wrapped Chili Mackerel

  20. Fried Sea Perch With Margarine

  21. Fried Fish Cakes

  22. Fresh Oysters (Namagaki)

  23. Fried Shrimps In Orange Sauce

  24. Fried Fish In Light Sour Soy Sauce

  25. Fried Fish In Peanut Sauce

  26. Fried Fish In Coconut Sauce

  27. Fried Fish Topped With Chili Gravy

  28. Fried Prawn Rolls

  29. Fried Oyster Omelet

  30. Golden Braised Fish

  31. Garlic And Pepper Fried Shrimps

  32. Indonesian Fish Balls

  33. Jawa Fish With Cabbage Rolls

  34. Lemon And Chili Steamed Fish

  35. Mussel And Pineapple Curry

  36. Mussel And Pineapple Curry

  37. Nori Tuna Rolls

  38. Mussel And Pineapple Curry

  39. Pickled Mackerel

  40. Pickled Shrimps

  41. Prawn Cutlet

  42. Pressed Shrimp Sushi

  43. Savory Grilled Fish

  44. Sesame Fish

  45. Shrimp Fritters

  46. Shrimps With Cauliflower

  47. Shrimps With Coconut And Lemon

  48. Shrimp And Bean Curd In Vinegar Sauce

  49. Spiced Salad Seafood

  50. Steam Shrimps With Oyster Sauce

  51. Steamed Crabs With Sauce

  52. Steamed White Fish Fillet

  53. Stuffed Chili Grilled Fish

  54. Stuffed Squid

  55. Stewed Abalone

  56. Sweet  Sour Crabs

  57. Sweet And Sour Crabs

  58. Sweet Sour Fish

  59. Thai Chili Prawn

  60. Thai Grilled Fish With Lemon Sauce

  61. Turmeric Braised Fish

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