Indian Fish And Vegetables Curry Recipe

Indian Fish And Vegetables Curry Recipe


3 slices fish

1 can sardine

3 tomato (cut into 4)

1 egg plant (cut into 4 cm lengths)

1 onion (cut into 4)

3 potatoes (cut into 4)

3 red chilies (cut into 2)

3 green chilies (cut into 2)

Salt and sugar to taste

3 tbsp cooking oil

8 shallots (sliced)

4 cloves garlic (sliced)

1" ginger (sliced)

5 tbsp curry powder

3 slices tamarind peel

1 cinnamon stick




Heat oil in deep pan. Stir-fry shallots, garlic, ginger, curry powder, tamarind peel and cinnamon until fragrant. Add in water and all the ingredients except fish and sardine. Water should be enough to boil until cooked. Boil for 15 minutes. Put in fish and sardine. Simmer until fish is cooked. Add in sugar and salt to taste.

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