Spicy Food Recipes

Spicy Food Recipes

In ancient times, spice was used as a food preservative and to make it more palatable. It also warms the body. Therefore spices were important in trading as there was high demand for them. Till today spices still play important roles in our lives and widely used in Asian dishes.


In Asian culinary culture, many different kinds of spices are used in Asian cooking because they add flavor to the dishes to excite the taste buds and stimulate the appetite to make eating a pleasurable experience.


Among the many different types of spices in use are chilies, cinnamon, pepper, star anise, fennel, coriander, cloves and turmeric. For convenience, many of these spices are ground and blended into a curry powder mix. To counter the burning sensation in your mouth after consuming a hot and spicy Asian dish, be prepared with starch like rice as it helps to absorb capsaicin, the pungency in chilies and pepper. Another point to note is that we should not guzzle down ice cold drinks immediately after a spicy dish. It is better to go with hot drinks. This combination will improve our body metabolism.


  1. Curry Chicken Wings

  2. Dry Mutton Curry

  3. Tandoori Fish

  4. Fragrant Spicy Prawns

  5. Beef Serunding

  6. Stuffed Cuttlefish

  7. Kheema

  8. Fried Mixed Vegetables

  9. Moghul Roast Chicken

  10. Sambal (Chili) Prawns

  11. Mixed Vegetables Curry

  12. Curry Cucumber Pickles

  13. Egg Plant Shrimp Curry

  14. Green Curry Paste With Shrimps

  15. Spicy Fried Squid And Vegetables

  16. Spicy Meatball Curry

  17. Spicy Fried Prawns

  18. Crab In Curry Gravy

  19. Chicken With Cumin

  20. Ladies Fingers With Shrimp Curry

  21. Spicy Dry Chicken

  22. Curry Fish With Egg Plants

  23. Indian Curry Chicken

  24. Grilled Beef With Coconut Milk And Egg Plants

  25. Spicy Pork Sausage Salad

  26. Sizzling Spicy Liver

  27. Fried Pork With Fresh Peppercorns

  28. Spicy Spinach And Potatoes

  29. Spiced Shrimps And Skewered Beef

  30. Spicy Vegetable Stew

  31. Indonesian Spicy Shrimps

  32. Indonesian Chicken Curry

  33. Indian Fish And Vegetables Curry

  34. Dry Beef Curry

  35. Stuffed Lady's Fingers

  36. Spicy Mutton Tomato Curry

  37. Balinese Spicy Squids

  38. Spicy Mussels Salad

  39. Spicy Seafood Salad

  40. Beef With Red Chilies And Spices

  41. Spicy Chicken And Vegetable Curry

  42. Minced Mutton Curry

  43. Bengal Chicken Curry

  44. Spicy Fish Roast

  45. Hot Beef Curry

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