Soups Recipes

Soups Recipes

Soups come in two versions-thin soups and thick soups. Thin soups are clear soups and involve simple ingredients. Thick soups are purees with many ingredients added together with a thickening agent such as blended corn flour.


In olden days some soups such as herbal soups serve as health supplements and have medicinal properties. Today soups provide our body with water and mineral salts. Because soups are taken hot, it is a favorite during cold weather. Soups are often served an an appetizer with most meals.


To cook a good soup, one must use ingredients in the correct proportions. For flavor, seasoning is added. Thick soups must not be too thick otherwise lumps will form. A well prepared soup has a full flavor and sufficient seasoning.

  1. Bean Curd And Scallion Miso Soup

  2. Beef And Radish Soup

  3. Black Mushroom Soup

  4. Button Mushroom And Quail Egg Soup

  5. Chinese Beef Soup

  6. Chicken And Galangal Creamy Soup

  7. Clams Miso Soup

  8. Duck Lemon Soup

  9. Famous Korean Kimchi Soup

  10. Fresh Spicy Mutton Soup

  11. Ginseng Shrimp Soup

  12. How To Prepare Dashi Stock

  13. Korean Fire Pot

  14. Korean Beef Dumpling Soup

  15. Malaysian Ox Tail Soup

  16. Meat Balls With Chinese Cabbage Soup

  17. Pork Coriander Soup

  18. Salty Egg Mint Soup

  19. Salty Cold Cucumber Soup

  20. Seaweed And Scallion Miso Soup

  21. Shredded Pork And Egg Soup

  22. Shrimps And Egg Soup

  23. Shrimp With Tomato Soup

  24. Smoked Fish Soup

  25. Spareribs And Watercress Soup

  26. Spiced Shrimps Tom Yam Soup

  27. Spicy And Sour Shrimp Soup

  28. Spiced Fish Soup

  29. Stuffed Squid Soup

  30. Sweet Corn With Chicken Soup

  31. Thai Tom Yam Soup

  32. Thai Oxtail Soup

  33. Tom Yam Mushroom Soup

  34. Tomato and Sparerib Soup

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