Malaysian Recipes, Food And Culture

Recipes, Food And Culture Of Malaysia

Although politically divided, Malaysia and Singapore are historically, culturally and ethnically an entity with a common gastronomic tradition. Malays, Chinese and Indians make up the main racial groups but as "Malaysia is Truly Asia" there are a colorful mixture of other Asian races living, working, cooking and contributing to a wide range of their racial cuisine to make Malaysia the centre of Asian cuisine.


Blessed by sunshine, abundant rainfall and fertile soil, fresh fruits and vegetables abound throughout the year. Fresh and frozen meat like beef, mutton, pork and chicken, fresh and dried seafood, fresh and dried mushrooms of various kinds make Malaysia/Singapore cuisine a delightful gastronomic experience.


At home Malaysians eat simply. A meal is usually made up of one main dish of rice and three or four dishes of meat, seafood and vegetables. There are also many restaurants which serve all kinds of international food and dishes prepared by professional chefs. But it is more fun to eat in the streets. Street stalls cater economically to all kinds of delicious Asian cuisines.


Malaysia is made up of a large number of states, each of which has its own culinary specialties. But the most interesting is the nyonya cuisine which originated when the Chinese settled among the Malays and integrated their cuisine with Malay cuisine. Nyonya cuisine combines Chinese ingredients with Malay methods of preparation. The result is a unique blend of savory Malaysian cuisine.

  1. Anchovies In Hot Chili Sauce

  2. Baked Beans Sweet Sour Fish

  3. Beef Serunding

  4. Braised Mutton With Bean Curd

  5. Braised Pork Ribs

  6. Chicken Satay

  7. Chili Shrimps In Yam Basket

  8. Clay Pot Fish Head

  9. Coconut Milk Rice (Nasi Lemak)

  10. Crispy Sotong (Squid)

  11. Curry Chicken Rice

  12. Curry Cucumber Pickles

  13. Fish With Soy Sauce

  14. Fish With Bamboo Shoots

  15. Fresh Spicy Mutton Soup

  16. Fried Broccoli With Shrimps

  17. Fried Prawn Rolls

  18. Fried Fish Cakes

  19. Fried Oyster Omelet

  20. Fried Salt Fish Bean Sprouts

  21. Fried Sweet Banana Pancakes

  22. Fried Yam Cake

  23. Fried Rice With Anchovies

  24. Fried Noodles With Chicken Balls

  25. Fried Pork Rolls

  26. Glutinous Rice Cakes With Syrup

  27. Honeydew Longan Ice

  28. Layered Tapioca Cake

  29. Lychees And Almond

  30. Malaysian Ox Tail Soup

  31. Mixed Vegetables Curry

  32. Mushrooms With Bean Sprouts

  33. Pickled Mackerel

  34. Pickled Shrimps

  35. Roast Chicken Stew

  36. Savory Mango Chicken

  37. Savory Grilled Fish

  38. Savory Sweet Potato Cakes

  39. Salty Egg Mint Soup

  40. Sambal (Chili) Prawns

  41. Shrimp Topped Muffin

  42. Shrimps And Egg Soup

  43. Soy Sauce Braised Chicken

  44. Steam Shrimps With Oyster Sauce

  45. Steamed Crabs With Sauce

  46. Steamed Egg Plants With Chili Sauce

  47. Stir Fried Cucumber With Shrimps

  48. Stuffed Lady's Fingers

  49. Stuffed Cuttlefish

  50. Stuffed Squid

  51. Sweet And Sour Crabs

  52. Sweet Red Beans Porridge

  53. Sweet Green Beans Porridge

  54. Sweet Glutinous Rice Cakes

  55. Tender Vegetables With Dried Oysters

  56. Tomato Rice

  57. Tomato Sauce Fried Beef

  58. Tuna Rice

  59. Vegetable Pickle

  60. Walnut Paste Soup

  61. Yam Rice

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