Vegetables Recipes

Vegetables Recipes

For cooking Asian dishes it is important to use fresh vegetables. Cooking time is usually short in order to retain all its goodness and flavor. Vegetables can be used in soups or cooked together with meat and seafood. The use and consumption of vegetables in Asian dishes is a great way to good health. In some Asian communities, there are vegetarians who abstain from meat and seafood. Their diet consists solely of vegetarian dishes. Those people usually enjoy good health and live to ripe old age. Vegetables are a good source of fiber and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It is usually a person's first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables also contain no carbohydrates and fats, and therefore individuals on diet usually consume vegetables in order to lose weight. Everyone should include vegetables in their daily consumption.


  1. Abalone With Button Mushrooms

  2. Bean Curd With Dried Bonito Flakes

  3. Bamboo Shoots With Ground Pork

  4. Bean Sprouts Salad

  5. Braised Mushrooms

  6. Broccoli In Oyster Sauce

  7. Cabbage In Coconut Gravy

  8. Cauliflower In Yoghurt

  9. Clay Pot Bean Curd Vegetables

  10. Egg Plant In Fermented Soy Bean Sauce

  11. Fresh Mint Chutney

  12. Fresh Fruits Herbed Salad

  13. Fried Cauliflower With Shrimps

  14. Fried Broccoli With Shrimps

  15. Fried Salt Fish Bean Sprouts

  16. Fried Battered Mushrooms

  17. Fried Soybean Curd In Chili Sauce

  18. Fried Chili Spinach

  19. Green Mango Salad

  20. Korean Cabbage Kim Chi

  21. Korean Pickled Cucumber

  22. Potatoes With Minced Meat

  23. Mushrooms With Bean Sprouts

  24. Mushroom With Beef Casserole

  25. Pineapple In Coconut Milk Curry

  26. Potato Croquettes

  27. Steamed Bean Curd With Shrimps

  28. Steamed Egg Plants With Chili Sauce

  29. Simmered Japanese Pumpkin

  30. Stir Fried Baby Corn And Mushrooms

  31. Stir Fried Mushrooms With Cashews

  32. Stir Fried Cucumber With Shrimps

  33. Stuffed Green Chilies

  34. Sweet And Sour Stir Fried Vegetables

  35. Tamarind Egg Plant And Shrimps

  36. Tender Vegetables With Dried Oysters

  37. Vegetable Tempura

  38. Vegetable Fritters Pakoras

  39. Vegetable Salad With Pork

  40. Vegetable Pickle

  41. Winter Melon With Crab Meat

  42. Yam Basket

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