Meat Recipes

Meat Recipes

In Asian cooking the range and variety of meat dishes are endless. Usually the meat is sliced, shredded or cut into pieces. It is then stir fried, braised or stewed together with spices and vegetables. Different types of sauces are usually added to the cooked dishes. The many types of meat used in Asian cooking include beef, mutton and pork. Some animals are considered sacred in some cultures and therefore you may not find many beef dishes in India or pork dishes in Muslim cuisines in Malaysia, for instance.


A good dish of meat is tender, juicy and full of flavor. Besides being delicious many of us don't realize that meat has a very high nutritional value forming a vital part of a balanced and nutritious diet. Meat contains high biological value protein that is important for growth, repair and also maintaining body cells.

  1. Oyster Flavored Beef

  2. Fried Beef Strips

  3. Crispy Beef

  4. Cashew Nuts Fried Pork

  5. Pork Stuffed Mushrooms

  6. Fried Pork Rolls

  7. Tomato Sauce Fried Beef

  8. Green Pepper Braised Pork

  9. Walnut Meat Balls

  10. Shanghai Fried Pork

  11. Aroma Stewed Lamb

  12. Minced Pork Balls In Golden Thread

  13. Pork With Ginger

  14. Beef In Soy Sauce

  15. Beef Satay

  16. Beef With Red Curry Paste

  17. Minced Meat And Potato Curry

  18. Spareribs In Chili Sauce

  19. Braised Pork Ribs

  20. Chinese Roast Pork

  21. Steamed Minced Pork With Mushrooms

  22. Baked Ham With Honey

  23. Baked Spare Ribs With Pineapple Juice

  24. Spicy Meat And Tomato Dip

  25. Sliced Beef In Sweet Sauce

  26. Stir Fried Beef With Celery

  27. Shredded Pork With Bean Paste

  28. Peking Spareribs

  29. Steamed Spareribs With Fermented Black Beans

  30. Beef With Potato Curry

  31. Braised Mutton With Bean Curd

  32. Madras Stick Curry

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