Biscuits Recipes

Biscuits Recipes

Biscuits or cookies are a real treat for any occasion, whether as tea-time snacks or early morning breakfast or during coffee breaks. They can be served to friends to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, picnics or parties for children. Whatever the occasion, biscuits are enjoyed by young and old as they appeal with their crunchy bites and tasty flavors. They are also good for health as they are packed with nutritional value such as proteins, vitamins and iron. They are sure to make your celebrations more enjoyable and add more fun to your festivities with family and friends. So it is worthwhile to take time to learn the following recipes and amaze your family and friends with your culinary ability of baking home-made biscuits and cookies.

  1. Apricot Cookies

  2. Apricot Prune Cookies

  3. Almond And Redcurrant

  4. Almond Cheese Biscuits

  5. Almond Coffee Biscuits

  6. Banana Chip Cookies

  7. Banana Oats Cookies

  8. Bean Curd (Tofu) Biscuits

  9. Bran And Pecan Cookies

  10. Butter Shortbread Wedges

  11. Caramel Cream Cookies

  12. Carob Pistachio Cookies

  13. Chocolate Chips Vanilla Cookies

  14. Chocolate Finger Cookies

  15. Chocolate Flavored Biscuits

  16. Chocolate Fudge Cookies

  17. Chocolate Hazelnut-Pastries

  18. Chocolate Nougat Slice

  19. Chocolates Nut Brownies

  20. Chocolate Pecan Biscuits

  21. Chocolate Wheat Biscuits

  22. Cheese Biscuits

  23. Coconut Cashew Cookies

  24. Coconut Peanut Cookies

  25. Coffee Crisps

  26. Coffee Pecan Biscuits

  27. Corn Flake Coconut Crunches

  28. Creamy Caramel Oat Squares

  29. Crispy Chocolate Rice Squares

  30. Crispy Peanut Butter Cookies

  31. Crunchy Peanut Cookies

  32. Curry Caraway Crackers

  33. Dry Almond Cookies

  34. Frosted Orange Biscuits

  35. Harlequin Fruit Cookies

  36. Herb And Garlic Cookies

  37. Honey Chocolate Cookies

  38. Honey Macadamia Biscuits

  39. Jam Circles

  40. Layered Nuts Biscuits

  41. Lemon Chocolate Biscuits

  42. Lemon Mint Cookies

  43. Lime Cookies

  44. Mixed Fruit Cookies

  45. Nut Cornflakes Cookies

  46. Oat And Sesame Biscuits

  47. Oat Banana Cookies

  48. Oat Bran Date Cookies

  49. Orange Butter Cookies

  50. Orange Ginger Nuts Cookies

  51. Peanut Butter Cornflakes Cookies

  52. Peanut Coconut Chip

  53. Pepita And Sesame Slice

  54. Raisins And Cherries Morsels

  55. Raisins Cookies

  56. Rolled Oats Cookies

  57. Scorched Peanut Cookies

  58. Sesame Biscuits

  59. Sesame Cheese Stars Cookies

  60. Spice Biscuits

  61. Spiced Rum Cookies

  62. Spicy Whole Meal Lemon Twists

  63. Strawberry Jam Cookies

  64. Sugared Lemon Cookies

  65. Sugar Pretzels

  66. Sweet Cherry Flapjacks

  67. Sweet Cream And Jam Cookies

  68. Vanilla Coconut Chewy Biscuits

  69. Walnut Coffee Cream Cookies

  70. Walnut Flakes Cookies

  71. Wheat Germ And Date Triangles

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